Steven Deimling


Financial Advisor with Investia Financial Services Inc.

Steven helped found Morson Deimling Financial Services in early 2018. Preceding this, he has spent the last fifteen years in higher academia, earning his PhD from Western University before working at some of the top research institutes in Ontario. Trained in the biomedical sciences, Steven is well versed in methods of large dataset statistical analysis, a skill that he routinely uses to help optimize his clients' portfolios and distinguish himself from other advisors.

Having been through it himself, Steven understands the struggle many encounter connecting their life’s goals with their financial circumstances. He strongly believes that it is his role as a Financial Advisor to help his clients create a plan that will bring their dreams within reach, and he takes satisfaction when clients achieve their long-held goals. Unlike many other advisors however, Steven recognizes that successfully managing a clients’ portfolio is about more than just picking funds. Each client has different resources to begin their financial journey, unique goals in life, and vastly different investment priorities to achieve those goals. To further assist his clients along their journey, Steven emphasizes client education and empowerment – it is important to Steven that his clients understand their investment strategy; understanding the plan helps his clients feel comfortable with the growth of their portfolio regardless of market conditions.

The modern investment landscape is evolving rapidly; while some investors prioritize fund performance or capital protection, others emphasize a balance between returns and impact investing, or investing in a socially responsible manner. To meet this challenge, Steven tirelessly works to expand his own knowledge, expertise and skill set through continuing education. Aside from regularly attending workshops, conferences and seminars, Steven has earned the Responsible Investment Specialist designation, and is currently in the process of attaining his Certified Financial Planner designation. It is this continuing pursuit of knowledge that will allow Steven to evolve with the financial environment and continue to offer the best possible service to his clients.

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