Key Points to Remember

1. Financial Planning is nothing more than the proper handling of cash flow and assets to meet future objectives.

2. How you handle your income and assets will determine your financial success. If your expenses exceed your income, your upkeep/lifestyle will be your downfall.

3. Know the difference between needs and wants. Before spending your money, ask yourself ‘what do I need this for?’

4. Pay yourself first – the first 20% of your income should be yours to keep! No matter how much or little you earn.

5. Save hard while your single, living at home, and for the first ten years of marriage.

6. Magic of compound interest – start early, contribute often.

7. The rule of 72 – maximize interest to grow long term investments.

8. Be an Owner, not a Loaner.

9. The 3 D’s of tax planning: Deduct, Defer, Divide.

10. Debt Advice – try to minimize interest paid on goods that decrease in value.

11. The purchase of appropriate insurance protection plays a major role in your family’s financial success.

12. Wills and Powers of Attorney – end of life planning is essential to ease transfer of assets.

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