Estate Planning

Having a suitable plan for the future is essential to safeguard your assets when the time comes. Careful planning and organization can help your assets flow efficiently to your beneficiaries, and ensure that the assets you have spent a lifetime building are dispersed following your wishes.

Wealth Transfer Optimization

One of the largest challenges that face us as we grow older is planning for what we would like to happen with our financial resources once we pass away. From defining beneficiaries to the choice of investment products, decisions that you make today could affect where and how your resources flow to those you care about. We can help advise you on a range of products that will ease the transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries following your directives, from a lump sum payment to regular installments over time.

Estate Tax Planning

Estate taxes can have a significant impact on our end of life assets. Many wish to maximize the amount of remaining assets that reach their beneficiaries, be they children, extended family, friends or charities. Others may not be as concerned with what happens with their remaining money and instead wish to maximize assets while they are alive. By working together, we can help you implement a strategy that will optimize your portfolio to accomplish what is most important to you, and help protect your assets in order to benefit you and your beneficiaries as you desire.

Life Insurance

As uncomfortable a topic as it might be to think about, we all have end of life costs that change over the span of our lives. Some may have no debt or other obligations; while others, such as those with younger families may have more substantial concerns (mortgage, a child's education or other responsibilities). Furthermore, some individuals wish to leave money to those they care about but do not have the financial resources to save extra along the way. With flexible life insurance plans we can help you to protect what is most important to you so that you leave a lasting legacy for those you care about.

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