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Many investors that use a self-directed platform can make sub-optimal decisions, buying and selling their holdings at inopportune moments due to market fears and external stresses. One of the most valuable components to professional financial advice is education and behavioural coaching. At Morson Deimling Financial Services it is important to us that you understand your investment strategy, the products you invest your money in, and why we may look to make any changes to your portfolio as the markets dictate. Knowledge is power, and we believe that proper education and understanding is the best defense against making rash investment decisions that hurt long term performance.

Our focus on client education is of paramount importance to us throughout client meetings, from our first consultation and throughout your financial journey. To accomplish this role we have developed a number of proprietary client materials to help explain some of the most pertinent information that each investor needs to know. Throughout the following pages you'll find some of our tips for success in financial strategizing, including Basic Principles, Key Points to Remember and Frequent Mistakes. These quick words of wisdom have been gained through decades of experience in financial services. For more information and to discuss the remainder of our proprietary materials, please contact us by clicking on the link below to set up a free consultation.

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