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At MDFS we know that each and every investor is unique. We all have different goals for our investment growth, priorities with how our money is invested, and comfort zones with respect to the risk and reward. Because of this we offer a diverse and flexible range of products that we can use to tailor your investment portfolio to you.

Mutual Funds

Common investment vehicles, mutual funds are packages of stocks, bonds, and other holdings that can help grow the value of your investment over time. These funds are expertly managed by a fund manager and teams of analysts that thoroughly evaluate each company into which they invest. Mutual Funds can increase or decrease in value over time, and are fairly liquid when you need to make a withdrawal.*

Segregated Funds

Similar to Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds are composed of a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Segregated funds, offered through insurance companies, could also increase or decrease in value over time, and are liquid when you need to make a withdrawal. Generally Segregated funds are subject to slightly larger fees then mutual funds, but may offer some capital guarantees, and a smoother transition to beneficiaries.**

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolios

There are two basic types of Exchange Traded Funds, those offering active management similar to traditional Mutual Funds, and those offering passive management which try to mirror an index. Active ETFs could have fees similar to Mutual Funds, while passive index funds could have much lower fees. However, many advantages and disadvantages exist beyond simple fees for each style of investing.

High Interest Savings Accounts and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

For those with low risk tolerance we can offer a variety of options in high interest savings accounts or GICs. These accounts may (high interest savings account) or may not (GIC) be liquid and easily available for withdrawal. While both of these investment vehicles provide capital protection, they also both have more limited growth potential than the above investment options.***

*Mutual Funds and/or Exempt Market Products: Mutual funds and/or approved exempt market products are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc. (“Investia”). Mutual funds and exempt market products are sold exclusively by Representatives who are licensed by provincial regulators and registered with Investia. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and other expenses may be associated with mutual fund/exempt market product investments. Please read the Fund Fact or prospectus carefully before investing. Mutual fund and exempt market product investments are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and their past performance may not be repeated.

**Segregated Funds: Segregated fund products are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc. and/or multiple carriers. Subject to any applicable death benefit guarantee, any part of the premium or other amount that is allocated to a segregated fund, is invested at the risk of the policy owner and may increase or decrease in value according to the fluctuations in the market value of the assets of the segregated fund.

***Guaranteed Investment Certificates: Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc. and/or multiple carriers.

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